Aboriginal Arts & Crafts


Laddie Timbery is a Bidjigal elder on site. His gallery, Laddie Timbery's Aboriginal arts and crafts, is located in the Museum grounds, has an array of authentic art and artefacts for sale. Paintings, both traditional and contemporary are available for sale in the Museum gift shop as are the beautifully decorated boomerangs that line the walls of his gallery.


Laddie is in his gallery most days and is always happy to demonstrate boomerang throwing or talk with you about the artwork, what the artefacts are used for and Aboriginal culture and history in the Shoalhaven.


See Uncle Laddie in action in the following video produced by ABC Open Producer Sarah Moss.



Open Daily: 10am - 4pm

Woollamia Rd, Huskisson, NSW, 2540

(02) 4441 5675